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Property Inspection

Avatar Green understands the importance of compiling the most current informationavailable concerning a property’s condition and occupancy status. The accuracy of inspecting foreclosed and REO properties is important for our clients to manage their assets.  Through frequent inspections, issues and damages are caught early, which saves money and time.  We offer many different inspection options to meet our clients’ needs. 


Property Condition Reports

A visual observation of the property to determine the presence of any damages or issues.


Occupancy Verifications

An onsite visit to determine if the property is occupied.


Field Inspections

An inspection to determine the overall condition of the property, whether secured or unsecured and occupancy status.  We look for damages, hazards, or possible code violations.


Habitability Inspections

We coordinate with the tenant an inspection to assess whether they have a safe environment in which to live. The structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing components of the dwelling are checked. 


Exterior Inspections

Avatar will determine the overall exterior condition, including potential code violations, vandalism, or exterior damages.






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