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Avatar Property Services

We have recognized a need to take real property preservation and construction services to a new level of professionalism. Avatar, differentiates itself, offering a higher level of efficiency in the field; by being an owner operated organization, we embrace the franchise business format which eliminates many costly mistakes. We pride ourselves with our efficiency in problem solving and superior communication, paying special attention to your needs after hours and on weekends. Our focus is to be your finger on the pulse by meeting your deadlines with accuracy, all within your budget. It is important that you, as our client, have the confidence and peace of mind to know your projects are being handled with detailed precision and adhearing to the highest levels of quality standards. "The Details Make the Difference", which is a direct reflection of whom we choose to partner with City by City. At the end of the day, it’s a good feeling to help in the stabilization process of many blighted communities, by Avatar contributing to revitalize these cities.

We have long term relationships that span over 18 years. We are very appreciative of your loyalty and respect for our dedication. Thank you for your business, your trust and your friendship!


Our Mission Statement:
To Preserve and Enhance the Value of our customers “Real Estate Assets”


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